Collagen Induction Therapy

Commonly known as Skin needling, Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) is the most effective tool for skin rejuvenation. Treatments reprogram the function of your skin to create healthier, firmer and more smoothly textured skin.


With expert precision, technique and timing, your skin treatment therapists at Debod Body Therapies now offers Collagen Induction Therapy. Our Therapists use the derma CIT pen to trigger targeted growth factors for building new collagen. Awakening the fibroblast that lies within the deeper layers of your skin, your skin will produce new and healthy collagen.


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Derma CIT pen treatments are recommended for:

  • Minimising fine lines (particularly lines around the lip and eye area)
  • Reducing pore size and improving your skin's texture
  • Naturally increasing your skin's collagen formation
  • Reducing scars such as acne scaring
  • Diminishing stretch marks
  • Strengthening your epidermal skin barrier
  • Improving cellular skin communication and therefore assisting your skin to operate at optimal efficiency
  • Reducing pigmentation
  • Assisting sluggish skin that is slow to heal