Vagheggi Skincare

The Vagheggi laboratories take selected molecules from the world of plants for specific action on skin targets with different problems. Vagheggi research and development selects every single component with particular attention to the skin type, in order to deliver phytocosmetic products with maximum functional efficacy, extreme comfort on the skin and personalised sensory perception. Each treatment is also an olfactory experience in pursuit of total wellbeing.
When selecting its raw materials, Vagheggi follows careful fair-trade and sustainable development policies.

Vagheggi Range at Debod

75:15- Redefining, Redensifying, Lifting

75:15 represents a new strategy for combating ageing with effects that help to rejuvenate skin. New density and compactness, reactivation that redesifies the skin and redefines the facial contours with a lifting effect. Skin looks younger and facial contours are remodelled.

Who is it suitable for?

-For all mature skin types

-To forcefully combat skin ageing

-For those wanting to look younger and invest in ski longevity

-Year-round Treatment



Balance- The solution for impure skin

A specific line for impure, combination skins and those with imperfections (dilated pores, shine, bumps and blemishes), which dries and reduces visible marks on the skin, smooths and evens out skin texture, guaranteeing a day-long shine-free complexion.

Who is it Suitable for?

-For both young and mature skins.

-Skin types effected by blemishes caused by stress, genetic disposition or hormonal imbalances.

-Skin that suffers from blackheads, spots and subcutaneous pimples.

Emozioni Plus- Sensitive, Intolerant Skins

This line strengthens the cutaneous barrier, protects capillaries and controls oxidative phenomenon to recreate the general wellbeing of the skin.

Who is it suitable for?

-To people whose skin is sensitive to environmental factors

-For those wanted skin defence and protection

-For those with skin that needs soothing




White Moon- Brightened means Splendid

This line leaves the skin radiant with even colouring. A brightening, smoothing, unifying and soothing action, whatever the season.

Who is it suitable for?

-For skin of all ages with uneven complexion colour, dullness and corneal thickening

-Anytime the skin loses transparency and freshness, looks grey or needs deep-down cleansing

-Appearance of uneven colour

-Year round treatment

-Unifying anti-age treatment

Vagheggi Bio+ - Natural, Organic, Genuine

The bio+ line comes from the phytocosmetic DNA of Vagheggi. It's formulas, inspired by nature, are pure, essential and certified Cosmos Organic and Vegan Cosmetic to finally offer authentic, functional, and effective organic cosmetics.

Furthermore, this line brings a unique sensory experience where each texture is designed to evoke maximum wellbeing.

Who is it suitable for?

-Any skin type