Dawn Nicholl- Clinical Hypnotherapist and Empowerment Life Coach

I am a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Empowerment Life Coach. I studied through the New Zealand School of Hypnotherapy and their sister Breakthrough Life Coaching School.  I have also studied Mindfulness and am a qualified Mindfulness Practitioner.  I am a professional member of ANZCAL and adhere to the professional code of conduct and ethics of our organisation. My purpose is to help you live a life you fully love, let go of the stuff you don't love, and find a place of serenity in your mind while achieving it. I can guide you through personal change in a long-lasting way to overcome old habits, fears and old limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

I can assist you to identify any mental blockages you might have, and move you forward with a positive mindset to tackle any challenges that might come your way.  I will listen intently to you, and tailor our session for your personal needs to help set you up for ultimate success.  I offer a safe session space, with confidentiality and integrity at the center of it. 
I have learned and put into practice the techniques to help others transform themselves from the inside out.  It all starts with your mind and having the right mindset.  In healing myself after overcoming personal trauma and adversity, I know first-hand how powerful the mind is.  I am currently on my own transformation journey using the Virtual Gastric Banding hypnosis showing what is possible. 

I spend my down time on the family orchard/farm.  I am at home in a pair of red band gumboots getting amongst it all.  I have a pet rooster named Fluffy Bum, and a foxy named Buddy that ensures a few laughs are always had.   


Hypnotherapy can help with virtually anything. From anxiety, increased sports performance, weight reduction, quitting smoking, phobias, and even things in the bedroom.  Anything the mind is involved with, hypnotherapy can assist.  Hypnosis is the ultimate in relaxation (I have had clients say it’s like getting a massage as your body is very relaxed during and afterwards).  So, it stands to reason that Hypnotherapy is excellent for stress and anxiety sufferers. 

My most popular hypnotic session that is bringing about massive change is for Weight Release "Virtual Gastric Banding Hypnosis". 

In this ultimate 1.5-2 hour session, you are virtually taken through a painless adjustable gastric banding surgery (thereby getting the benefits without the painful recovery time or the $1,000's of dollars the surgery would cost), you get to release any un-resourceful food from your life, you will drink more water, be satisfied with smaller healthy portions, and move more.  It works on your mindset and re-enforces your movement towards your ultimate success vision.  I will help you to create a vivid visualisation that will leave you smiling and feeling that success in the now. If you have had issues with visualisation in the past, never fear, I can also work with you to create a clear vision for success. My clients are releasing between 3-10 kgs in their first month, then a sustainable average of .5-1kg per week after the initial loss (please noteclient results are not guaranteed as it is up to the individual).
This session is teamed with a follow up appointment 3-4 weeks later, and then as/if required.  
I also teach the basics of self-hypnosis so that you can further enhance your results at home.

Ready or Not Sure?

Get in touch via email or phone, for an obligation free 15 min phone consultation to discuss how you can move forward and live your best life! 

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How does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works by speaking directly to the sub-conscious mind and bypassing that tricky little inner voice (conscious mind) that holds us back from achieving what we want or tells you that you can’t do something. What the mind believes, the body achieves.

People are in and out of trance every day naturally (watching TV, doing the dishes, driving, like when you pull into your drive way, but don’t quite recall the drive – you were most likely in a trance). Hypnosis is taking your natural state of trance a little deeper to focus your sub-conscious on things you actually want. Once you get the sub-conscience on board, your mind will focus in on your goal automatically and do everything in its power to obtain that goal for you.  Hypnosis is a very positive and relaxing experience. 

A hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you don't want to do. We can only provide the suggestion, it is then up to the individual to act upon the suggestions.  If it’s something you are congruent with and actually want, then hypnotherapy will work very well for you.  Only when you are wanting to do it for your own powerful reasons, will it be effective.  I work with every client to find out their core reasons for wanting to make a change, then we work together to tailor the session to give the desired outcome. 

A lot of work can be done in just one session, and in some cases, 1 session might be all you need.   However, each issue needs to be discussed and understood to come up with an appropriate path forward. The mind can create phobias in an instant, knowing the mind is powerful and can create things quickly, you can also change that mindset powerfully in a direction you want.

Life Coaching

Coaching is all about breaking the goal down and getting to the crux of what is really going on.  I can help you to change old behaviours/habits and your state of mind to really focus on moving forward. I am dedicated to helping clients find their true self, to realise and exceed their goals and aspirations courageously in a safe environment. 

Packages are available, with the more sessions pre-booked the better the rate. 

Do you have a goal you want to achieve, but need some direction and accountability? 

I can help you to change your mindset and behaviours, so that you move easily towards a goal you desire. 

I offer Hypnotherapy/Life Coaching via skype to clients that cannot make it to the office, this can be made outside of office hours by arrangement. Clients who skype with me are experiencing amazing results.