Dr. med. Jorg Prinz - Energy Health

Jorg is specialised in holisitic medicine. He offers the Debod House Clients a bio-physical approach to health. Trained and registered as a medical doctor in Germany he realised after years in surgery and general practice that conventional medicine in acute situations is great. Chronic patient though benefit more from bio-physical rather than bio-chemical (medication) especially when it comes to chronic and persistent pain.


Pain Relief:

SCENAR is a pain relief tool that works with mild and comfortable electric stimulation of the skin. It causes the body to release its own natural pain killers, endorphins. That causes a quick pain relief. Furthermore neuropeptides are released which stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms. Mobility to joints return faster; better sleep and digestion is another effect; inflammation eases faster; edema disappear quicker - and many more beneficial effects occur.


Any patient with pain benefit from SCENAR therapy. A short treatment prior to physiotherapy or massage is recommended if the pain is too intense.




As a trained NLP Master Practitioner (neuro linguistic programming) and EFT Practitioner (emotional freedom technique) Jorg Prinz offers Counselling. This type of counselling is quite different from conventional counselling in that it delivers fast results.

The 'Rapid Depression Treatment' has been evaluated in a clinical trial by the University of Auckland. NLP and EFT offer many procedures that deal with trauma, fear, unhelpful beliefs, anxiety, anger and many more. Naturally the physical symptoms associated with these negative emotions disappear, e.g. irritable bowel syndrome caused by fear.

Pain can also be reduced by working with emotions as physical and emotional pain use the same pathways within the body.

NES Energy Health Scan:

Any pain and illness is accompanied by changes in the 'Human Body Field'. The differences between a healthy and a diseased human body field can be assessed by the NES Scan.

This is a simple procedure: the human body field is measured through the skin of the hand. A connected laptop computer displays the changes in comprehensive screens covering organs systems, musculo-skeletal changes, activity in traditional meridian systems and chakras, nutritional issues as well as thought and emotion patterns that can affect health.  


The Energy Health Scan is helpful in deciding which approach to health recovery is best. Deficits in energy in the examined systems can be substituted by so called 'infoceuticals', which basically are energised colloidal minerals.