Benefits of Massage

In our modern society, where stress-related disorders have a major contribution to health problem, massage can play a significant role in decreasing stress and encouraging wellbeing.  Massage may possibly be the oldest recorded health therapy. It is possibly the foundation of most modern medical therapies.

Massage contacts the largest organ in the body - the skin. Pressure and stretching stimulates most other organs, vessels, glands and tissues.

This leads to beneficial effects on heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, respiration and the immune system. The stimulation also releases endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers.

Massage also has a range of psychological benefits, making it a holistic therapy.

Massage can help with acute or chronic injuries, back pain, shin splints, scoliosis, headaches, migraine, neck-shoulder-arm pain, scar tissue, arthritis and many more conditions.

Leanne Hart- Massage Therapist

Leanne has recently relocated to the beautiful Ohope Beach and we are very excited to welcome her to the Debod team.

Leanne is a highly qualified massage therapist with an outstanding range of skills and massage therapy styles to aid in the relief of chronic pain and tension, stress or anxiety management, massage for pregnancy, relaxation, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, advanced neuromuscular therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and scar tissue release.

Close to her heart is nurturing touch, grief, and palliative care massage therapy. Leanne volunteered as a Special Time Therapist at Hospice Mid-Northland for over 10 years, providing nurturing touch for those going through that significant stage of their life.


Leanne’s focus is on promoting better health through an integrative approach to treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction. She aims to provide a gentle but deep connection with clients and their wellbeing and aiding in the healing process of the mind, body & heart. 

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