I initially booked in with Debod Body Therapies because of my sore back.
I found Tina and Debod Body Therapies to be Calm, friendly, relaxing & helpful
I had a Very good experience with Debod Body Therapies and will continue to recommend Debod Body Therapies in the future.




I booked in with Debod Body Therapies to have a therapeutic massage
The treatment was great, I felt extremely relaxed, which my body needs from time to time! 10/10
I will Most certainly recommend Debod Body Therapies to others I know.

Debod Body Therapies had very good references which is why I choose to book with Tina.
The treatment has been especially beneficial for body maintaining and treatment of injuries

I came to Debod Body Therapies as a de-stress therapy
The treatment was great - nice Relaxing time out & it also helped with headaches
I recieved more personal consultations with Debod Body Therapies that with other providers I have seen in the past.

A friend recommended Debody Body therapies to me to help discomfort with neck, shoulders & lower back.
It really helped - I did not suffer with headaches as often after my Debod Therapy
Debod offer a Very professional service and amazed at how Tina can isolate the exact spot that is causing grief.

I suffered from Severe headaches resulting from shoulder pain
Debod Body Therapies specifically assisted the situation and provided Relief from head and shoulder pain and overall well-being. The treatment is excellent. Very professional service.

I initially booked in with Debod Body Therapies To help recover from a prior operation (lymphatic drainage)
To help recover from a prior operation (lymphatic drainage)
I noticed a huge improvement in the following areas:

-    Improved vitality
-    Big reduction in fluid around my neck and face where I was operated on
-    Cleared my acne troubles
I really feel that my experience with Debod Body Therapies has changed my life!

Debod Body Therapies was recommended to me by a friend. Debod Body Therapies have assisted me hugely but assisting with pain relief which I have been unable to receive elsewhere
I have recommended Debod to others and will continue to attend myself

Dear Debod,

Having struggled for a number of years with a sports related shoulder injury, for which I saw a number of physiotherapists and even tried acupuncture, I cannot thank you enough for your work in getting me on the road to recovery.
As a doctor I am aware that soft tissues injuries are often overlooked, I feel this probably occurs because of ever increasing specialisation and time pressures. When we specialise and break down the body into smaller parts to fix, we miss out on the big picture of how these systems interact. It is this interaction and assessing the whole person that really impressed me with your assessment and management of my case. For example my shoulder problem had resulted in changes in posture that restricted my movements for sport without even realising it. Correcting these has made me more comfortable and even made my pot belly disappear!
The techniques you use are only now beginning to be looked at closely by the wider medical community.  Many are being adopted in the management of back pain and other chronic pain conditions reducing the number of medications and surgeries required. As a doctor I would not hesitate to recommend debod massage therapy to my patients with chronic pain or orthopaedic injuries. I’m also encouraging my over stressed colleagues to try it too!
Aside from these benefits the staff at debod have all been incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. The environment is very comfortable and relaxing. It is great to have time to relax and unwind which I’m sure is as beneficial as the work with soft tissue. I find it a very positive environment and I have had real benefits for my sport injury and also stress levels.
I highly recommend Tina and Debod therapies for whole body wellness that can really compliment and augment the effects of modern medicine.
Thanks again Tina,
Dr Dan Watson MBChB(hons) BSc(hons)