Oncology Massage Therapy

Oncology Massage Therapy can appreciably enhance the healing process. Whether currently receiving treatment, or recently completed treatment for cancer, an oncology massage can help build one’s health and restore the relationship with the body and calm the nervous system.


The main focus is to enhance healing while “doing no harm” to people whose bodies are:
-Dealing with lowered immune systems

 -At risk for developing lymphedema
-Stressed by radiation and/or chemotherapy treatment(s), or recovering from surgery



Oncology massage therapy is much more than a feel-good treat or relaxation technique, it can actually assist the body and spirit in their constant pursuit of restoring the body and spirit . It also addresses the numerous other side effects from chemotherapy, radiation treatments and surgery.


We provide Outreach Clinic for Cancer Society and Sweet Louise also Southern Cross Easy Claim Provider


Price/Treatment length based on clients needs Phone Leanne on 027 5408084 to discuss or book online