Debod Product Range

At Debod Body Therapies our partnered brands and their respective products have been carefully chosen to represent the very best in local holistic remedies. We pride ourselves in offering a selection of items that maintain the Debod philosophy of wellbeing, self care and recovery for our clients. Experience the care you deserve with ranges from


KARO & Jessops

"Treat yourself to the luxury of nature."


Karo is a range of handcrafted hair and skin care products handmade by Karen Ross of Whakatane including Jessops Soaps. Developed using long standing, proven recipes from ideally locally sourced, spray free, organic ingredients.


Customers note a positive experience using Karo and Jessops products knowing they are genuinely helping their health and wellbeing with natural products for sensitive skin. 


All products are hand made in Kerikeri New Zealand, with natural ingredients.


The Bodhi Gel and Oil range utilizes the relieving properties of Magnesium, MSM and essential oils to combat pain and discomfort through the skin. These topical remedies can be used for tight tense muscles, tension headaches, areas of cramping and so much more.


The Bodhi Homeopathic Remedy Kit is your one-stop-homeopathic-shop for any condition you need to treat. This homeopathic kit is designed to treat yourself and those closest to you (including pets) in a safe, natural way. The kit includes twelve of the most commonly used remedies for home use with an easy guide so you know which remedy to take for what ailment. 

Tui BAlms

Tried, tested and loved for over 3 decades Tui Balms are a must-have for any well-equipped family cupboard. Locally made in New Zealand from all natural ingredients, Tui has a range of balms designed for daily skin care, first aid, massage, weekend camping and more!


Tui Heat Balm is an effective natural alternative for the relief of chronic pain. Also ideal for use before and after sporting or other physical activities.